The future is solar power

The world is too reliant on dirty and old technology. Just think about the problems with inflation and the conflict in Ukraine. Not to mention the looming climate crisis.

The good news? We get more energy from the sun in just over an hour than the whole world needs in a year! And yes, it works in Ireland… The climate is similar to places like the Netherlands or Germany, two world leaders in solar PV. At present, less than 5% of homes in Ireland have solar PV. Compare this with around 20% in the Netherlands.

It’s time for Ireland to catch up with other countries and get serious about climate change. Solar PV is a great first step on your energy journey. A typical system in Ireland is equivalent to planting 50 trees or more! Use the calculator to learn more about your home's solar potential.

How does AirPV work?

AirPV is a one-stop-platform for going solar that makes the process easier and better value. It is free to use. Simply enter your address to see your solar potential and follow the steps below.

  • Design: See what PV system is best for you.
  • Marketplace: Receive quotes from trusted installers and pick a preferred company.
  • Installation: Selected installer completes installation and provides an install report.
  • Monitoring: AirPV provides ongoing support for maintenance, upgrade and expansion.

The mission is to give homeowners the best experience when going solar. This can only be achieved through constant innovation with cutting edge software that is focused on customer needs. A guiding goal is to bring the rigour of large-scale solar installations to the residential level.

The platform is in development but currently provides homeowners with a free calculator and general information about solar PV.

Our story

AirPV was started by a couple of physicists with a passion for computers and renewable energy. The idea of combining cloud-based solutions with solar PV resulted in ‘AirPV’. Having worked on large-scale solar farms and volunteer installations for schools in South America, it got them thinking about getting more PV on homes in Ireland. After much thought, the simple idea was that a platform could make the process easier and better value for homeowners.

The project received funding from the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) in Limerick to carry out a feasibility study.


It was also extensively studied as part of an MBA in Smurfit Business School in Dublin, where the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) acted as project sponsor. The project won best presentation when pitched to a class of business students, lecturers and Enterprise Ireland representatives.

Smurfit School MBA Photo